H E A L T H S T R E A M  P r o v i d e r s Professional Allied Health Services Suite 2, 12-14 Warby St        Phone & Fax: Campbelltown                         (02) 4620 6186 NSW 2560                               ABN 76 600 886 020
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Customer Service Consultant

Dorelle Albert

Dorelle is the life blood of Healthstream, on the front line, greeting all visitors either in person or on the telephone with verve and enthusiasm, catering expertly for everyone's requirements. Healthstream would not be Healthstream without Dorelle!

Customer Service Consultant

Courtney Mock

Courtney arrived to join our team in May 2016. Courtney brings youth, enthusiasm and a Higher School Certificate with her to Healthstream and she has become a valuable addition to our ranks. Her happy, smiling, vibrant face can be seen on all your visits to Healthstream. Please ask Courtney for assistance, she is only too happy to help you. Courtney was unemployed prior to joining Healthstream and is a classic example of the value that can be added to businesses when they give a young person an opportunity.

Operations & Marketing Manager

Helen McDonald

Helen is the skewer which holds the organisation together with a vast range of duties. From marketing, organising promotional material, graphic design, communications to providing the exquisite landscape photographs around the facility, Helen can do almost anything.

Head Psychologist, Director

Neil McDonald

As a working Psychologist Neil over sees the day to day operations on site at Campbelltown, giving direction and a mentor to the organisation. At any visit to our facility, Neil's happy smiling face can usually be spotted in the corridors.

Managing Director

Evan Robinson

The silent partner who gets the jobs done behind the scenes, Evan looks after the organisational structure, accounting, web site, human resources and whatever else is required to maintain a professional operation.