Healthstream Providers

work closely with many State and Federal Government organisations to assist and care for members of our local community. These organisations in conjunction with Healthstream are able to provide participants with professional care at an affordable cost.


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is now being rolled out across Australia. providing support for Australians with a disability, their carers and their families. Registered Participants only need to access a Disability Service Provider in their local area, establish a Care Plan, then treatment can provided almost immediately.

Healthstream Providers are fully registered with the NDIS for all disciplines. Once you have a Care Plan in place, ask your DSP for a referral to Healtthstream so the Care Plan can be initiated.


The Lifetime Care and Support Authority administers the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme, which provides treatment, rehabilitation and care for people severely injured in motor accidents in NSW, regardless of who was at fault in the accident. This is a NSW State Government initiative in place for all residents of NSW.

Healthstream are currently providing assistance and care to several patients through the Lifetime Care Scheme. Simply obtain a referral from your GP, then call to make an appointment.

Workers Compensation Insurance

SIRA is a NSW State Governement body set up to organise rehabilitation for employees who have suffered an injury in the work place. These injuries may be either physical or mental and all employers in NSW must have Workers Compensation Insurance in place to assist employees should an accident occur.

Healthstream provides the necessary health care to employees injured in the workplace to enable them to return to their vocations. Whether it be Physiotherapy or Mental Health Care, Healthstream can get you back on track. Simply obtain a referral from your GP and a Claim Number from your Insurance Company then call to make an appointment.

Veterans Affairs

The Australian Federal Government through the DVA provide care and assistance to veterans who represented our nation in either the army, navy or air force. Returned Servicemen may register with the DVA to obtain free Health Care from GPs through to specialists care.

Healthstream work closely with DVA to provide assistance to veterans requiring Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Mental Health Care treatment.


The NSW Department of State Finance have initiated a Work And Development Scheme whereby residents who are experiencing financial hardship can satisfy their fines through either courses or treatments. Treatments are generally considered Mental Health Care and usually an entire debt can be recovered in this manner. Participants need to register with the relevant State Government department and organise a referral from your GP.

Healthstream are fully register to provide Mental Health Care to all registered participants of the NSW WDO Scheme.